Fosters and Volunteers

Fosters and volunteers are vital to Jake's Wish Dog Rescue! Our organization is entirely volunteer-driven and need you to help us save lives. Ways you can help include:

  • Fostering a dog in your home
  • Helping at adoption events
  • Helping with fundraising 
  • Sharing your skills in photography, finance, web design, writing, etc. Just let us know how you'd like to help!

Want to Foster? 

Please read our foster agreement and then apply to get started!

By fostering a dog, you are helping to provide short or long-term care for our rescue dogs in your home. We provide all the food, equipment, supplies, and pay for all necessary medical care. You provide basic training, love, and attention to help prepare your foster dog for its forever home. 

We cannot rescue dogs from shelters unless we have wonderful fosters who open up their homes.

Your time, love and attention, prepare our dogs for adoption into a permanent, loving home. Nothing can be more rewarding than knowing you are saving a life every time you foster.

Want to Volunteer?

Fill out our volunteer form if you'd like to volunteer at fundraisers or adoption events.